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RNA/DNA Recovery Enhancer

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A good recovery from RNA/DNA purification is important for an accurate quantitative analysis of a specific gene and a correct profiling of biomarker genes. A significant loss of RNA/DNA analyte is common from silica membrane or magnetic bead technologies, especially at low concentrations.
Here we offer a unique formulated buffer, RNA/DNA Recovery Enhancer, to improve RNA/DNA recovery from your current purification process. Simply add 20 uL to the digestion or lysis buffer and you will enjoy much improved assay performance at your final detection (hybridization, PCR, real time PCR, or sequencing).

Catalog # Name Package Size Price
B50100 RNA/DNA Recovery Enhancer 1 mL (50 reactions) $190.00


  • Stored frozen upon receiving.
  • Expired in 2 years after manufacture.
  • Recommendation: add 20 uL to digestion or lysis buffer prior to the addition of sample.
  • Laboratory Use Only.



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